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"I think I can speak for the Bluetooth SIG Executive members and myself when I say that Incisor has done a great job in promoting the Bluetooth technology in various ways, and over a period of several years. Vince Holton is a well known and knowledgeable professional in the area of Bluetooth wireless technology. He publishes the best monthly newsletter on Bluetooth."

Anders Edlund
Marketing Director
Bluetooth SIG

Why partner with Incisor and IncisorTV?

Opportunities exist for companies to promote their products and services via editorial, advertising, e-marketing to the Incisor database, video profiles & features, Internet TV commercials and more.
For any company operating in the short-range wireless sector, or providing products or services to this sector, Incisor is a default option for promoting messages and inviting co-operation.

As an Incisor commercial partner, your company will benefit from:

  • More than 10 years of continuous history as the only publication dedicated to tracking the short-range wireless industry - Incisor is the definitive source of information
  • Incisor magazine is read by highly-qualified, senior executives at wireless industry companies, analysts and OEMs/ODMs across the world – if you want to get your messages to the key decision makers, the Incisor database is the ultimate, blue-chip resource! Sample subscriber lists are available.
  • IncisorTV video broadcasts put our audience face to face with the latest developments in the industry and with the movers and shifters that influence the way our world turns. Get your product or announcement in front of these people by participating in IncisorTV programming – dedicated, standalone features or as a contributor to a larger broadcast.
  • Incisor and IncisorTV are there where it matters. If you are at events such as CES, or the Bluetooth SIG supported Bluetooth Evolution Conference, then we can work with you to maximise the value of your marketing dollars – events take place in one location, for just a few days. We can help extend the reach of your messages across the whole world, and they will be ‘live’ for as long as the Internet exits – we feel that will be quite a long time!


To discuss commercial opportunities, contact:

Mike Knivett, Commercial director:

Telephone: +34 667 204629

Incisor partners include:

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