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About Incisor

Incisor is a monthly electronic magazine dedicated to short range wireless technology – Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband (UWB), ZigBee, WLAN/Wi-Fi, RFID, GPS, DECT/Cat-iq and NFC - and is published by UK-based wireless marketing specialist Click I.T. Ltd. Incisor has been distributed by email since launch in December 1998, the year that Bluetooth went public, and has become a globally known and respected publication.

Incisor is distributed direct to the PCs of its subscribers. Funding of the magazine is provided by editorial sponsorship, advertising, web-licensing of content and e-marketing to the Incisor database. Incisor is received by 1500+ companies and an estimated 25,000 readers. All of these readers have been added to Incisor’s database as a result of requested subscriptions from wireless industry watchers across the world. 

An analysis of the subscriber database shows that Incisor is read by those people that are genuinely interested in short-range wireless technologies, and products, applications and trends. Incisor subscribers work at companies within the industry - such as cellular handset manufacturers - and outside,  including government agencies, military/naval operations, banks and venture capitalists, academics, car companies, airplane manufacturers, major corporates and end-user enterprises. A geographical analysis of the distribution list shows that approximately 33% of Incisor’s direct subscribers are based in Europe, 37% in the USA and 30% in the Far East and RoW.

In addition to the direct distribution, Incisor’s value is boosted as a result of the magazine appearing on high profile industry web sites. These include the official Bluetooth member web sites and- (Incisor enjoys a very close working relationship with the Bluetooth SIG and is the only independent publication supported in this way by them), plus the official web site of the WiMedia/UWB community – Incisor is also currently in discussion with the other wireless industry alliances regarding adding Incisor to their web sites.


IncisorTV – the WPAN channel

Incisor magazine’s content is supplemented and enhanced by Incisor TV, which delivers exclusive streaming video content that focuses on the very latest industry developments across the short-range wireless sector. Many of the video files are linked to editions of Incisor, and there are standalone films that are dedicated to specific projects.

Internet TV is here and now, and transforms two-dimensional web content into a rich, interesting and entertaining experience. If your company operates in the short range wireless sector, Incisor TV and the Incisor web site should be trusted partners.

Incisor partners include:

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