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View the full archive of Incisor TV video features. Starting with the first piece, created in September 2006, through annual CES reviews and special features and focus pieces. All Incisor TV productions have been produced as standalone projects or in co-operation with industry bodies such as the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

This months featured movie.
Exploding the 5G myth - an interview with Prof. William Webb

A quick glance at the news tells us that in the world of mobile communications there is only one story - 5G. It dominated Mobile World Congress and operators have been racing to be the first to deploy networks. It has also dominated the news about security with concerns about Huawei’s ability to control networks through their 5G equipment. But the real story is that 5G is not happening - at least not in the way intended and which most expect. In this interview, Vince Holton talks with 5G guru Professor William Webb.

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