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September 2009
This issue considers the value of social media to wireless marketeers, the future of the in-car GPS device, how the Bluetooth high speed conundrum will be resolved, and discusses the emergence of the Three Screens Platform
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August 2009
This issue includes news of the merger between Bluetooth giant CSR and SiRF, and included a very signicant article on developments in the world of ZigBee
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Read online some stories on this issue
Read online some stories on this issue

July 2009
Looking at wireless technology in the wireless industry : Launching the Wavenis Open Standard Alliance : Will wireless change my life?
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Read online some stories on this issue
Read online some stories on this issue
Read online some stories on this issue

June 2009
UWB is dead? Don't believe all you read in the press, says Incisor, and Staccato Communications provides the lowdown. Meanwhile, Texas Instruments talks about the importance of low energy Bluetooth technology and CSR extends its technology lead in Bluetooth headset solutions.
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May 2009
Bluetooth 3.0 is released, but why is the market more interested in low energy? And is Wi-Fi a friend, or a foe?
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April 2009
This month's major story is the merger of the WiMedia Alliance into the Bluetooth SIG. Meanwhile the Incisor WPANel, made up of the most important execs in the short range wireless industry, look at the challenges of marketing wireless technology.
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March 2009
Includes the second review of the Incisor WPANel - this month the VIP group from all sectors of the short-range wireless industry look at the thorny issue of high speed wireless
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February 2009
CES follow-up issue includes two new movies - one for the Bluetooth SIG (Best of CES) and one for the WiMedia Alliance (Ultra-wideband in 2009).
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January 2009
Previewing IncisorTV's trip to CES, and Staccato counters accusations of UWB's demise.
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December 2008
It is consolidation time in the UWB industry. This hits every new technology sector. Some UWB companies have already gone, more may follow. This issue looks at developments in the UWB industry.
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