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April 2005
This issue includes the front page news that one side of the war to establish a standard for Ultra Wideband has taken a major step forward - the MBOA SIG has joined forces with the WiMedia Alliance. We have also included a major review of ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4. This RF and software standard aims to own the low power, low data rate, multi-node wireless networking space. ZigBee has, by comparison with other more loudly heralded wireless technologies, been creeping up on us without a great deal of fanfare. A stealth campaign. Pundits suggest that a successful adoption of Zigbee will end many of Bluetooth's ambitions for applications outside of the cellphone/headset market. Could this be true, and what are the challenges that face ZigBee along the way? Our special focus examines the issues, with the help of industry experts. And the last month has seen two important acquisitions in the Bluetooth space. CSR has bought Clarity, and Broadcom has bought Zeevo. Both with the expanding market for stereo and and high quality audio headsets in mind. See inside for details.
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March 2005 - 3GSM review issue
This issue includes many stories gathered at 3GSM World Congress, which took place mid-February in Cannes,South of France. This is a busy, busy time for the wireless world, with stories developing across a number of the technology sectors that Incisor covers. And we took the opportunity this month to review the growth of CSR to its Bluetooth-industry dominating position. Many companies that we talk to openly admit that they would like to replicate CSRís success. How did they do it? Glenn Collinson reveals some of the secrets inside this issue.
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Issue date: March 2005

Wireless USB
Ultra Wideband special issue: Our extended editorial reflects a number of very positive developments. First, Incisor has two new cover sponsors. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Frontline Test Equipment, whose products are used by wireless developers across the world to ensure conformance, interoperability and quality of user experience, and Staccato Communications, one of the companies at the forefront of developments in Ultra Wideband, and a founder company of the MBOA Alliance. And the other main reason for the increased size of this monthís issue is our Ultra Wideband special focus. Whether by good luck or judgement (!), Incisorís review took place at a watershed point for UWB. With a dramatic increase in activity, and a focal point of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, this was the perfect time to see where this exciting, high bandwidth and low power technology was going.
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Issue date: February 2005

WiCon Review Issue
The January 2005 issue of Incisor includes news distributed at Wireless Connectivity World 2004, which took place in Santa Clara, California during November. WiCon took over as an Ďall wirelessí event from the Bluetooth Developers Conference, which took place in various US locations at this time since 1998. It was generally agreed that this inaugural WiCon Americas show has yet to find its feet as a highly attended event. It seems that organisers IBC needs to dig deep and broadcast this message to more people. Because plenty is happening in the wireless industry. For Incisor this introduces new challenges as we work to keep up with developments in not one but at least five different wireless sectors. Its hard, but stimulating work. This issue has a definite UWB flavour, as the heat is turned up between the two bodies working to establish standard supremacy, and products rush to market sooner than many expected. Is this a good thing? Read on and make up your minds!
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Issue date: January 2005

WiCon Americas Preview
This is the Wireless Connectivity World Americas 2004 preview issue of Incisor. As this issue was published, companies from across the short-range wireless industry were showing their wares at WiCon, which took place in Santa Clara, California. Many made important announcements, including CSR, which, as the front page story tells, expanded its semiconductor activities to include Wi-Fi/WLAN products. An enormously significant development. We included inside information on the show itself, and previewed some of the announcements that were being made. In addition to this, we continued to expand Incisorís sphere of wireless activity, as we discussed in the publishers statement on page 2. We want to get to know more companies across the UWB, ZigBee, RFID, WLAN, WiMAX and NFC industries. Our coverage of these technologies expands as these relationships develop.
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Issue date: Special

Wireless in Scandinavia
Awaiting Synopsis
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Issue date: November 2004

CSR's Bluetooth reaches 50m milestone
Awaiting Synopsis
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Issue date: October 2004

Wireless in California Special
Awaiting Synopsis
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Issue date: September 2004

Towards American Wireless Connectivity World
Awaiting Synposis
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Issue date: August 2004

WiCon World Review
Awaiting Synopsis
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Issue date: Special

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