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March 2007
This is another video enabled issue of Incisor. We have profiled two companies this month. First, we met with RFI Wireless, a division of RFI Global Services, and discussed the complicated process of testing and approving converged wireless devices. Then we met with Icron Technologies at its Vancouver, Canada HQ in order to create a video presentation that highlights the company’s work in the USB extension market, including its latest wireless development – USB over 802.11G. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth SIG has updated the Core Bluetooth specification, and we also include a review of a lifestyle, wearable Bluetooth product, the Motorola-Burton Audex jacket.
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Wireless USB Special Focus
Wireless USB is here and now. In order to provide a complete picture, Incisor has dedicated a special issue to Wireless USB, which has been the main focus for the WiMedia Alliance ultra-wideband companies. We enlisted the support of the WiMedia Alliance itself, and some of the leading UWB/Wireless USB companies – Alereon, Artimi, Staccato Communications, Wipro NewLogic and WiQuest Communications. All of this is complimented by Incisor’s biggest yet presentation of video material. Five short films place Incisor’s readers in front of key players in the Wireless USB and UWB industry. This material, which was captured by the Incisor TV team during the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, provides a unique insight into developments in Wireless USB.
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Issue date: February 2007

Feb 2007 - Best of CES
Following our travels to Las Vegas for CES, this issue contains a major video project that we completed for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Be sure to see ‘Bluetooth SIG Best of CES 2007’ on page 3, if you want to see some of the most innovative and technically exceptional Bluetooth products shown at the annual technology showcase in Las Vegas, and to find out which was selected as the overall winner.
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Issue date: February 2007

January 2007
As we preapered to leave for Las Vegas, to produce our next, video-enabled issue, we also looked at plans for the global delivery of UWB WPAN mobile phone services with Staccato Communcications, Wi2Wi explored the SiP versus SoC conundrum and WiQuest Communications told us about WIDV which will deliver wireless transmission of high quality digital video for PC and HDTV applications.
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December 2006
Never let it be said that the short range wireless sector is dull. Nor that it is a stable and unchanging environment. No sooner had Incisor reported on one new wireless technology – Wibree – than another one comes along – Wireless HD – and rumours start to circulate that some things we thought to be true, are not. Read about the changing perspective for UWB, one of the most exciting technologies that Incisor has covered since Bluetooth emerged from its chrysalis.
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Issue date: January 2007

November 2006
Welcome to the November 2006 issue of Incisor magazine. One issue dominates this month’s magazine. It wasn’t planned this way, but then we weren’t to know what was about to happen …. On the 3rd October, Nokia sent the WPAN world into a spin by publicly announcing a new, short range wireless technology that it is calling Wibree. From the beginning, it seemed that this was not only a potential rival to both Bluetooth and ZigBee, but that Nokia’s decision to announce had surprised many, and angered some. So, Incisor’s editorial plan for the month was thrown out of the window. Unlike some of the early media coverage, we have taken the trouble to talk to Nokia and many of the parties that this affects. These include the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the ZigBee Alliance and one of the main silicon participants – CSR. We’ve also put our necks on the line and given our summary analysis (see page 7).
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October 2006
In this issue, CSR launches a reference design for a Voice over Wi-Fi handset, which is set to dramatically cut costs and boost take-up of VoIP phones - look out DECT! All wireless devices need antennas, and Tim Hillison of Fractus suggests that to build a better wireless product you should start with the antenna, rather than add it on as an afterthought. Meanwhile, Billy Brackenridge of UWB leader Staccato Communications cautions against pacts with the devil.
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High Speed Bluetooth special issue
Welcome to this special - video-enabled - issue of Incisor magazine, in which senior industry executives from the Bluetooth SIG, CSR and Motorola explain first-hand the evolution of High Speed Bluetooth. For the first time, Incisor includes a series of video interviews plus detailed editorial to deliver a rich, multi-media experience.
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Issue date: September 2006

August 2006
The bulk of this issue is given over to Incisor’s annual review of short range wireless technologies. As we explain in our introduction, we carry out this review for our own purposes as well as our readers – it helps us to maintain an understanding of the status quo across the short range RF sector – Bluetooth, UWB, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, RFID and NFC. And we would like to let you know that we are currently working on a very exciting new project. We will publish a special issue of Incisor, outside of our normal schedule, which will be 100% dedicated to the subject of High Speed Bluetooth – the combination of Bluetooth and UWB that will become Bluetooth 3.0. This project is being supported by the Bluetooth SIG, CSR and Motorola, and will include, amongst other innovations, video interviews with senior executives from each organisation. This special issue will be published mid-September.
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July 2006
In this month’s issue we discuss the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s announcement of its Icon Experience programme, and Callpod shows that there is still room to innovate with Bluetooth, having developed an extremely clever conferencing technology that works with all models of Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones. Plenty of standalone UWB development is happening too. Staccato Communications is extending its reach into Asia, and so is Artimi. HDTV specialist Pulse~LINK has launched its 1Gbps UWB chipset, and tells us how to distribute HDTV around the home using UWB over wireless and – get this – wired connections. Plus the amount of ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and RFID-related information Incisor receives each month continues to increase, so this is another packed issue, covering developments across the range of short range wireless technologies.
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