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April 2008
Incisor spent time talking to the WiMedia Alliance this month, which has realised that it hasn’t been doing a good job of its PR and marketing. Noisier rivals – such as Wi-Fi – have been coming forwards, and scoring points. Vince Holton spoke to Stephen Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance.
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March 2008
The Bluetooth SIG announces that it is developing a technology called the ‘Alternate MAC/PHY’ that will allow Wi-Fi into the world of Bluetooth. Read more about it, and its impact on the Bluetooth/UWB relationship in ‘BLUETOOTH SIG OPENS ARMS TO 802.11’.
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February 2008
Incisor returns from Las Vegas, where we co-operated with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to produce a video record of events and announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show. It has been 10 years since Bluetooth took off. This issue includes our CES review, the Bluetooth SIG’s ‘Power of 10’ celebrations, and we have cause to celebrate ourselves, for Incisor shares it’s 10th birthday with Bluetooth.
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January 2008
This was the last issue of Incisor published in 2007. As this issue went to press, Incisor was setting off for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. IncisorTV was co-operating for the second year running with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, and would create a video record of the Bluetooth SIG’s Best of CES programme, and the celebrations around the ‘10 Years of Bluetooth’ and ’10,000th Bluetooth SIG member’ events. This will be featured in the video-enabled, CES review issue, which is published next.
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December 2007
In this issue, in addition to including end-of-year news, Incisor magazine and IncisorTV discussed plans to be at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show with a dedicated video suite.
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November 2007
Incisor attended a new industry event this month, the IMS Conferences ‘Bluetooth Evolution’ conference, which was heavily supported by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. There was a bit of a rumpus, though, based on one of the keynote speeches. No blood was spilled, but various - apparently fixed – aspects of the Bluetooth roadmap were called into question. Read the Incisor overview on page 9 for more information.
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October 2007
This month, the Bluetooth SIG lent its support to a new event – the “Bluetooth Evolution Conference”, which was to be hosted jointly with IMS Conferences. We wish IMS and the Bluetooth SIG well with this event. We examine, too, the Bluetooth SIG's decision to create a working group to look at using W-Fi as an alternative/additional high speed data channel. If you remember, 'til now, this has been Ultra Wideband.
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Stereo Headset Review issue
Fifteen months ago, Incisor reviewed the first stereo Bluetooth headsets to hit the market. At that time we thought that these were OK, but not exceptional products. We firmly believe that stereo music is a major growth area for Bluetooth, and so it was decided that we would look again at what was available, and to see what advances have been made. The number of headsets reviewed in this issue rises from 3 last time to six this time, and include products from Motorola. Nokia, Wi-Gear and Finnish company Iqua. They are better, for sure. But how much better, and who were the winners and losers? You will have to read the feature to see.
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Issue date: September 2007

August 2007
Wireless USB has been a long time coming. It was at CES in January 2006 that Incisor first saw companies showing UWB-based wireless USB demo kit. Now, seventeen months later, in August 2007, we hear that the first finished products to incorporate wireless USB have passed compliance and certification testing for Certified Wireless USB. A number of the UWB companies have marked this fact with commercial and product announcements, which are included in this issue.
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Wireless Symposium - July 2007special issue
This was the month when Incisor’s 2007 Wireless Symposium event was staged in central London. Inevitably, this regular issue of Incisor also contains follow-up information and news relating to Ultra Low Power Bluetooth/Wibree. The Wireless Symposium gathered together the organisations behind the global management and promotion for Bluetooth, WiMedia, Wi-Fi and DECT/CAT-iq, and positioned them in front of a VIP audience of press, analysts and media to present and justify their technologies. The event was also filmed by Incisor TV for the comprehensive video presentation that can be accessed from this issue (see p9) and from Incisor’s video archive at
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Issue date: July 2007

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