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2019 USA IoT Roundtable launch issue
Incisor.TV kicks off its campaign to launch the 2019 USA IoT Roundtable programme, at which leading organisations will debate issues relating to IoT.

Issue date: November 2018
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Incisor Magazine

Incisor is a free subscription monthly electronic magazine dedicated to the short range RF sector. Incisor has been distributed by email since launch in December 1998, and has become a globally known and respected WPAN / short range RF publication.

An analysis of Incisor’s readers shows that the magazine is read by wireless industry observers looking to be educated and to connect with companies in the Bluetooth (Ultra Low Power to High Speed), WiMedia/Ultra Wideband (UWB), WLAN/Wi-Fi, ZigBee, GSM, RFID, NFC, DECT/CAT-iq and other sectors. An analysis of the distribution list shows that approximately 35% of Incisor's direct subscribers are based in Europe, 30% in the USA and 35% in the Far East and RoW.

Connecting your company with the Incisor Subscriber Database

Incisor is distributed today to 1600+ companies and an estimated 25-30,000 readers, all added as a result of requested subscriptions. In addition to the direct distribution of the magazine, Incisor's value to sponsors/advertisers is boosted as a result of the magazine appearing on this site and other high profile industry web sites. This means that Incisor undoubtedly has the widest readership of any short range RF publication.

The Incisor subscriber base has been built-up over 10 years of totally focussed coverage of the short range wireless sector, creating an unrivalled marketing & PR channel. Opportunities exist for companies to promote their products and services via sponsored editorial, advertising, e-marketing and more.

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